Premium Bar/Bat Mitzvah Website

The premium Bar/Bat Mitzvah website package comes with tons of great features to make sure that you have the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah possible. In addition to being able to accept donations online you will have unlimited pages that your guests will find great enjoyment from. Here are a few examples:

Unlimited Photo Albums

Photo albums make it easy and enjoyable to browse through photos. Create themed albums organized by event, location or special tributes. You can use an interactive Flash based slideshow in your Photo Album. Images are automatically resized to the ideal size for your webpage when uploaded.
Fundraising Photos

Poll and Quiz

Find out about your guests opinions on all sorts of topics related to the Bar Mitzvah boy and quiz them on all kinds of things from the past or the future. The quiz and poll are preformatted widgets that are tons of fun for all you guests.
Opinions Mitzvah Website

Unlimited Extra Pages

Add an unlimited number of pages to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Website. Customize the pages with the title of your choice. You can easily turn any of your pages on/off. Additional page ideas are: What is Bat Mitzvah, Guest Information, Mitzvah Project, etc.
Fundraising Unlimited Extra Pages

Memorial Page

Add a biography of those who have passed away and allow everyone to comment and share their favorite stories.
Mitzvah Website Biography

Photo Albums

Organize pictures from your past, Bat Mitzvah Girl's childhood and loved ones, as well as pictures from the actual Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration in unlimited easy to view photo albums.
Mitzvah Website Pictures


Create a preformatted FAQ page that will answer all kinds of questions that your guests will have surrounding your event.
Mitzvah Website FAQ

Family Tree

The family tree is a fun way to get everyone acquainted with your heritage
Mitzvah Website Family

Unlimited Custom Forms

Build any type of form to collect information from your guests. Some commonly used forms are: Registration Forms, Reservation Forms, Menus, Surveys and Contests. All you have to do is create the questions and answer choices. The information you enter is included on the form which is automatically posted on your site.
Fundraising Custom Forms


A Calendar is a terrific way to enter all of your event dates, payment due dates and deadlines. The calendar comes with national holidays built in and it can display all the birthdays of those registered on your site. You can choose if you want an event to be viewed publicly on your website or privately in your Control Panel.
Fundraising Calendar

RSVP Management

Guests can RSVP to the event directly on your website, saving time and postage. You can add questions to the RSVP page to prompt suggestions from your guests that can help with planning. This is a good place to include special requests, such as meal selections. You can view the RSVP information at all times in your Control Panel.
Fundraising RSVP

Guest Book

The Guest Book is a wonderful way to get in touch before and after your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. When a website visitor makes a guest book entry, it becomes visible on the website after being approved by you. The Guest Book is a great tool for collecting wishes and ecouragements from your guests and comments regarding the look and functionality of your website. Guests can also send messages to each other without exposing their email address.
Fundraising Guest Book

Budget Tools

Manage your expenses & calculate the cost-per-person for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This is a great way to monitor all Budgeting elements. You can also flag the dates of when individual expenses need to be paid.
Fundraising Budget Tool

Send & Track Invitations

Easily post and track invitations using the Broadcast Email tool. You can send Reminders before your event and Thank You Notes afterwards. You can easily add and delete guests from the Invitation List, so your list will always remain up-to-date.
Fundraising Send and Track Invitations

Event Details

This page saves you time by clearly displaying all the information relevant to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This is the perfect place to post a picture of the venue, include special access information or provide parking details.
Fundraising Event Details

Our research has shown us that the most successful events are the ones that started planning early and created a great event website. We strongly recommend that you select the premium package to have the most successful event possible.

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